Heathrow Ebola Scans will Start Tuesday

Heathrow will start screening travellers as of Tuesday. The London Airport will start screening Passengers from West Africa for Ebola as of Tomorrow.

Well I can see this one being a short one. I’ll be surprised if I can get to 150 words.

Finally they’re starting the screenings for Ebola. Yay.

Funny thing is al they’re going to do is check peoples temperature and then ask them to fill out a questionnaire. Somehow I think this is a little undermining for a response to a major threat to life.

People can fake a questionnaire and then lie about their temperature and when you find the person again after they have infected a few hundred people on the London Underground then it’s Outbreak 2: Ebola takes London.

I know there will be other measures but I really think the Government could have done a lot more instead of this. It really does feel pathetic.

So the Government is now putting screenings in place at Heathrow Airport as of tomorrow, I don’t think they’ll do much but if they keep the public at bay then let it be so.


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