A Terrorist was planning to target Tony Blair. A Terrorist suspect was planning a Mumbai Style attack and the address for one of Tony and Cherie Blair’s addresses the Old Bailey heard.

This has to be the most interesting Terror story that I’ve heard in a while. Heck I don’t even know where to start on this one.


A person was going to go around killing people indiscriminately. I’m guessing this was going to be in London. Another person who was going to go around busy places shooting and bombing people. Could you imagine the terror and hysteria involved.

It would give the likes of the EDL and the Daily Mail a field day. We wouldn’t hear the end of it. Hell it would give the EDL another set of Martyrs.

The fact they use Lee Rigby is bad enough could you imagine and massive load of them?

He had the Blair’s address.

This is where it gets weird. How did he get the address of the Blair’s and what was he going to do? Was he going to blow them up or did he just have it because he had.

This really puts the security of the Blair’s up against the microscope and if I was the Blairs I’d be firing people. They can’t be feeling safe after hearing all this.

Granted there would be a few people who would be glad to see something happening to the Blairs but there would be people who would kick off. Such as the Blairs.

So a man who is up of terror charges are had the Blairs address, I think it’s time that the Blairs check their security staff and sack some of them.


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