Cameron Pledges One Last Go At EU Migration Curbs

Cameron is going to give one last go at negotiation with the European Union. David Cameron has said today that action is needed to cut migration from the EU whilst he has also pledged to give one last try at negotiating a better deal for the UK.

Well, well, well. I don’t know if Cameron is a very positive thinker or he’s just very, very stupid. I really don’t think there is anything he can do.

I’m going to take both migration and the negotiation by themselves as I really don’t think I can bunch them in to one paragraph. It’s that big a subject.

Well while we are going to be a part of the EU which Cameron wants, he will have to keep the ‘borders open’. there’s nothing he can do about it. Freedom of movement is a part of European Union. I’m all for Migration across the Union and to Britain as long as they bring something to the country. Not just coming because it’s easier for them.

And then he’s trying to re-negotiate the Treaty we have with the Union. Well that’s not going to happen. We EU has proven that it wants to go one way and it will go that way. They showed this after the last EU election.

Cameron will trying to negotiate with Europe one last time. He must realize that he is not going to do it and he will have to have his referendum and get us out of Europe.


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