Paedophiles Who Download Images ‘Won’t All Be Charged’

Some paedophiles won’t be charged. The head of the National Crime Agency has said that some people who download Child Abuse images will not be prosecuted.

Well if you want to make yourself really, really unpopular with the British people then come out and announce that some people who have child abuse images may not be prosecuted.

If you said we’ll get every Paedophiles in the country then that would have been very popular.

This has to be the worst soundbite that could have come out out the head of the Crime Agency’s mouth. It’s not realistic to catch every single one of them in the country but you don’t admit it.

We want people to be brought to justice for any crime involving children. We’ve seen o much of it over the last few years and it’s the thing people don’t want to see.

Labour are trying to make political gains from this. Well after Angela Eagle failed to make weight after the Lord Freund, I don’t think it’s going to work.

It’s time for UKIP to make some choice words and then they could get a few more votes flocking towards them.

So some child abuser will not be charged for downloading child abuse images. This is a very bad move that will go down like a lead balloon.


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