Pistorious Starts Jail Sentence.

Oscar Pistorius starts a five year prison sentence. The South African Athlete has been sentenced to five years in jail for the death of his former Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

So today the world sat back and said well the South African Justice System is a Joke’

I’m not trying to take the piss here or trying to offend somebody, I’ve actually read comments through out today that has called the South African Justice System an absolute joke.

I find it amazing that a man can kill a person and have a terrible defense on how he shot his then Girlfriend and yet come out with such a light sentence. It really is shocking that this has been aloud to happen.

The worst thing is he’s only spending 10 months behind bars the rest he gets to spend in a luxury home owned by his uncle.

There must be a where Ched Evans who raped a person is feeling hard done to due to the fact a murder has got a lighter sentence than he has. Ched Evans got five years for Rape, Pistorius will be behind bars for 10 months and then chilling in a luxury home.


I wonder what would have happened if an average black person had broke in to Pistorius’s house and shot Steenkamp?? I’m guessing life time behind bars with no chance of parole.

It’s beggers believe.

So Pistorius starts the easiest sentence for Murder. The world has now seen what a joke the justice system in South Africa is. Let’s hope they improve it.


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