Ottawa Video Shooting Released

The video of the shooting Canada yesterday was released. Police in Canada has released the of a lone gunman storming in to the Canadian Parliament building yesterday.

Canada now has to come to term with what happened yesterday. One day they’ll get over it but they will always remember what happened.

This has however created a national hero. The Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers will go down in Canadian History as the man who stopped a mad man from getting in to the Parliament chamber and killing the Canadian Ministers.

People feel like they owe him their lives and the country will feel like he saved their democracy.

And the person who committed the shootings?

An Islamic Convert who wanted to go to Syria

At least he was a lone mad man who acted well alone. The Canadians will not have to suffer a wave of terrorism attacks or a cell of Islamic Terrorist planning a wave of attacks.

They are safer than America.

But it does prove that the world needs to keep a closer eye on Terrorists especially if people are able to get in to a national Parliament building and open fire .

Canada has released the video of yesterday’s shooting. At least the Canadian can rest easier knowing it was one person and they now have a national hero.


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