UK Won’t Pay £1.7 Billion EU Bill

The United Kingdom pay a £1.7 Billion demanded by the European Union. David Cameron has angrily insisted that the United Kingdom will not pay a £1.7 billion demanded by the European Union.

Wow the European Union really has a nerve. They expect us to pay more money in to their coffers. What is the next thing they expect us to do. Sacrifice people to the European Union. We give too much money to the European Union as it is.

Then they expect us to pay some more money to them. Ridiculous!!!

It’s great to see that Cameron has stood strong against this. We need him to stand up against to the European because other people with in the Political spectrum would bend over and take it.


This will give a lot more votes for UKIP. Farage will be able to use this demand to his own needs. A lot of people won’t like this demand and he can has every right to use this for political gain.

Cameron said he will not let Britain pay a £1.7 Billion demand from the European Union. It’s great to see him stand up against Europe again because some other people won’t.


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