UK Ends Afghanistan Operations

British Troops are pulling out of Afghanistan. The last UK base has been handed over to Afghan Forces with ends British Combat operations in Afghanistan.

My God, thank goodness that we’ve finally pulled out of Afghanistan.

Originally I was all for us going over to Afghanistan but 13 years and a whole load of deaths was it really worth it?

My answer is no…

We went in to find Bin Laden and remove the Taliban and let’s face it we didn’t do both in Afghanistan. Bin Laden was found in a compound in Pakistan and the Taliban are still around granted they’re not in power.

The worst thing about all this is that once we leave the Taliban will more than likely be in power with in the next few month. So basically we really did nothing in Afghanistan except giving them Democracy for 13 years.

And what happen to Al-Qaeda

Well they move to another place and managed to cause a lot more terror and when they went quiet we got ISIS. Who are more dangerous so…

We made the world more Dangerous.

So UK troops finally end operations in Afghanistan, well thank goodness because it’s been a pointless Conflict. Thank Goodness we won’t loose another soldier in that country.


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