Sierra Leone Angry At The Visa Ban

Australia has been condemned for a Visa Ban. Sierra Leone has condemned Australia’s decision to suspend entry for people who have come from Ebola effected countries in West Africa. The move has been described as ‘Counterproductive’ and discriminatory’.

Well shock horror this story really comes as no surprise to me. Somehow I expected this to happen.

Of all the countries in the world it Australia is the one who bans people from entering their country from Ebola effected country. No other country has put on these restrictions on but Australia has.

I really am not shocked.

There are two ways you could look at this. The first one is they are being self-protective or they are discriminating.

The protection of the country is important. There has already been 3 continents that has had cases of the virus why have a fourth and why effect the people in the country.

They are discriminating against people in the effected countries. Not everybody has the virus but you could let somebody in with the virus. The risks are probably way too high for the people of Australia.

Amnesty International has had their say about it. They agree with the people of West Africa. However I think it’s time that there is some need for a new set of border controls in West Africa.

Australia has been criticized for preventing people from coming in to their country from West Africa. I think their is a need for it to help the Australians to be safe from Ebola.


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