No Link Between Tough Penalties And Drug Use

There is no obvious link between tough laws and and levels of illegal drugs use says a Government Report.

Well thank you to the Home Office for producing such a pointless report. I didn’t even think that you needed to spend millions of pounds of Tax Payer money to come up with that.

If a person want to get their hands on drugs they’re going to find a way of doing. A person who is addicted to Cocaine won’t think about the ‘legal implications’ nope. They’re going to be desperate for their next fix and how to get it.

The left have used this a a ‘Political Football’ with the Lib Dems claiming that these findings have been suppressed for months. Well it’s great to see that the Liberal Democrats are ramping up the anti-Conservative rhetoric.

Still not going to get you elected guys. You can come out with all the anti-conservative spiel you like but at the end of the day you are screwed.

So the Home Office has written a report that basically means nothing. They could have written a report that say Bannanas were yellow. It really is that pointless a report.


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