Woolf Steps Down From Abuse Inquiry

The inquiry in to Historic Child Abuse will need a new head. Fiona Woolf has told the BBC that she has stepped down from her role as the head of the Inquiry that is set up to look into Historic Child Sexual Abuse.

I don’t think people will want to say this out loud but this whole Inquiry in Child Sex Abuse is going to become a toxic chalice for anybody who takes it on.

I can imagine that who ever takes this role on the abuse victims will find a problem with the person who the Government chooses. Poor Butler-Sloth the person who had it last time was forced to leave because her brother was a big wig judge during the 80s when most of these cases took place.

What has poor MR Woolf done?

She knew too many Home Office Secretary. I really think that this is not a valid reason to be forced out. If the person who takes charge knows too many establishment people then does that person need to be forced out.

I think we should bring somebody in from another country to head this inquiry as they will be the only people who will be seen as neutral.

You have to feel sorry for May. I know that many people don’t like her but she has too look for a new head of this inquiry. How many people will she have to appoint before it’s over?

Another person has quit the Child Abuse Scandal. Hopefully the next person can stay on till the end and come up with some answers and recommendations that the people will like.


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