Overtime Should Count In Holiday Pay

People’s Overtime should be counted in people’s holiday pay. A tribunal has decided that workers who do work overtime will get more money in their Holiday Pay. This is seen as a win in a ground breaking case.

Is it a quiet news day or do we not want the Libyan Soldier story not make it to the top of the news agenda. This really isn’t the story I like to comment on but here we go…

Except for a lot of better off workers, I don’t really see how this is going to help the country.

Yes it will help the workers but this is going to cause businesses to loose money in pay. So it might cause some companies so loose money and possibly go bust or if it get’s too much it could cause bigger companies to go abroad.

However I don’t really think it’s going to happen but it is a massive far out there possibility.

This could go to the court of appeal…

Well yes it will because people don’t want to pay people more money. it’s a pretty obvious thing isn’t it.

So workers finally get more pay if when it comes to holidays if they work over times. Yup that’s going going well with the big businesses.


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