Libyan Cadet Claims Poor Treatment

The British Authorities did not take care of Libyan Soldiers in this country. A Soldier from the Libyan Army has told the BBC that British Authorities did not take care of Libyan Troops during a controversial training mission as a Cambridgeshire Barracks.

I don’t know if I should congratulate this guy for being cheeky enough to do this or be angry because he’s taking the piss really.

So if you don’t know the back story two Libyan soldiers have admitted to committing sexual assault. Now the British Army is sending the troop that were on this program back to Libya.

It’s a slap in your face when people you are trying to help out break your laws. If they were staying in this country they should have followed our laws. There should be no wriggle room on this.

So with a mass load of Disciplinary problems in the ranks as well they’ve been sent home. Again good, if they’re causing a nuisance to the army and the public then send them back and train them over there.

This stops everybody being pissed off about the situation and they still get to be trained by UK forces.

Now comes the cheek

One of them has complained that they are being mistreated. If I was this guy, I would have kept quiet and just gone back home. This is not going to make him any friends in the country. In fact it’s just going to piss off a lot of people and ramp up the anti-Islamic sentiment in the country.

I’m pretty sure he was trying to get his own view across but they’re are times you just shut up and keep your head down.

A Libyan soldier has complained about being mistreated by the British Authorities, I can imagine this will play to the hands of the people who think Britain should only deal with British problems.


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