Osbourne’s EU Budget Claim Challenged

European Counterparts have challenged the claim that the British Chancellor George Osborne has been able to half the 1.7 billion Surcharge from the European Union.

So Osborne has managed to get the £1.7 billion down by half. It’s gone down from £1.7 Billion to £800 million however it’s being challenged by the European Union.

Well that looks like it’s gone down and I don’t really care about a rebate or how Brussels can spin it to make Britain look bad. Let’s face at this point in time the likes of the Germans don’t like us but to be honest we don’t really care.

Is this going to stop the raise of UKIP. No it won’t, we have got it cut down in half but there are still things that don’t go down well in British Society.

This whole episode has really been recruitment drive for UKIP.


Because we should have never been given the bill in the first place. I really do believe that we were given this charge because we are trying to re-negotiate the Union. Why do I think that? Because France and Germany got a reduction while us and Greece was forced with a new Bill.

George Osborne has been able cut our EU bill now Cameron has to do is re-negotiate our place with in the European Union.


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