EU Justice Measures Backed By MPs

Britain has signed up to the new European Justice Measures. The Government managed to win a bid to sign us up afresh to the 35 EU justice measures which includes a European Arrest warrants following a dramatic Commons vote.

Sometime I think the Government should make their mind up. Do they want to reform Europe with the potential of pulling us out or does he want to drag us further down the path?

I really do think that Cameron has no idea what he wants. He knows he want us to be in the European Union, we know that for sure but how far. To be honest we all know he’s scared of loosing votes to UKIP so he going to going to try and change the nature of the beast with out much success.

What was the point of pulling us out of these measures just to sign up to some of them?

Seriously it seems like a waste of time to me. I bet more than half of the people in the country didn’t even know we pulled out. I seriously think we could have slipped this in and nobody would haven even noticed.

So we’ve signed up to the European Arrest warrant again. Somehow I don’t think that many people actually would have cared either way.


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