Concerns Over Comet Lander After Uneven Landing

There is battery problems with the Comet Lander. After the Historic but awkward landing of the Probe Philae from the Rosetta Probe, the probe is sending back pictures but there are concerns about the probes battery life.

So we have imaginary from the probe. I said that if we didn’t have pictures then it would have been a massive failure.

So it’s a success… YAY!!!!

So there was an uneven landing that caused the probe to bounce 1km in to the air and land on a cliff. So the landing wasn’t perfect but I’m guessing that trying to land a probe on a planet is a bit of a science that includes a lot of guess work.

Despite the bounce it is sending pictures back to earth. These pictures are pretty amazing. If you look on the BBC’s website they have some of the pictures up there and you’ve got to say they are pretty good.

That probe is a better photographer than me.

Then they admit that there could be a problem with the battery life.

They send a probe 10 years across the Solar System and when it gets to it’s location then they worry about the battery life. You think they would have though about that ten years ago when they sent the probe in to Space.

It’s a problem that they should have thought about before they sent it off up in to space.

The probe has landed and it’s sending pictures back to earth. Let’s see how long the batteries left because it seems like a major screw up on behalf of the European Space Agency.


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