Philae Sends Back Data From Comet Surface

The Philae Probe is back in contact with the Rosetta Satellite. The lander that is currently on on the 67P Comet has re-established contact with the Rosetta Satellite and is sending data back from the surface.

So I get this is a giant leap ion Space exploration but how much can you milk the landing of this probe on a comet surface. Granted it has got the European Space Agency very excited.

Well the Battery problem seemed to be a little bit over stated and they’ve not seemed to have died. Well in fact they seem to still be working. This was a massive problem for the Rosetta. They though the battery was going to die.

I want to make a comment on the comet’s name. I’ve just found out what it’s called. It’s called 67p. Well that’s a really cheap Comet to buy. Only 67p.

So after the really poor joke…

The probe has taken surface samples of the comment and this is what has got the Scientist all excited. They think it could prove the origins of life on earth and hence there could be life on other planets.

Well I think that’s the thinking behind it.

So the Probe is sending information back to the Rosetta Satellite. You’ve got to wonder what we’re going to learn from this.


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