Men In Birmingham Exploitation Order Named

A judge has revealed that 6 men are not aloud to be in contact with young girls. A move from Birmingham City Council put an injunction on the men so they will be blocked from child exploitation and the men can be named a judge has told us today.

Again we come up with another child abuse story. It felt a little quiet on that from for the last few weeks ever since the Rotherham Saga died down and the South Yorkshire Police Crime Commissioner stepped down.

But here we go Birmingham brings it up again.

The men in this case are of Asian decent again. This really isn’t nothing new. Every time one of these scandals ends up splashed across our front pages it’s a set of Asian men.

Why is that?

My thinking is that there has been too many old white men who have been abusing children so they’ve got to divert the attention away from the likes of Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris. Why not go for the easy targets.


Some people hate Muslims so it’s an attack angle that people can rally around. It’s like the BBC has an agenda against certain types of people. At this point I’d like to ask the media to stop concentrating on people from Asian backgrounds and start focusing on people in White Paedophile rings.

You don’t seem to be doing that are you?

People are going to round on these men and they are going to get a lot of abuse thrown at them. I want to say rightly so but I think there are better things people could be doing with there time instead of trying to kill Paedophiles or making their lives not worth living.

So Birmingham Council has ban 6 men from having contact with young girls and a judge has revealed the men’s names. This is going to go down a treat for the right wing nuts.


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