Al-Shabab Claims Bus Killing

Al-Shabab has claimed responsibly for a shooting in Kenya. Gunmen from the Somali militant group say that they attacked a bus in and killing 28 people.

Well it’s great to see that Africa’s War on Terror is not going well. This is sarcasm if you can’t tell. When the African countries declared this war after those Nigerian school girls went missing, I did say that this war is a proxy war for the West.

I’ve had to talk a lot about homegrown British terrorist for the last few weeks but while there seems to be flux of British Terrorist there seems to be a raise across the world.

We’ve had the Mall attacks that were in Kenya last year, then there has been Isis and not there is this shooting. I think that these Islamic groups are getting braver around the world.

You wonder if there are more people are turning to these ideas or have the people been there and they’re just getting braver. Sadly I really think is the first one. We as the West really have screwed it up in the Middle East and many people have gone to the dark side.

So what should Kenya do for this act of Terrorism?

No matter what they do they will probably be on the wrong end of something harsh. If they let these attacks go then that Government will be booted out for being weak. If they continue this form of attacks in retaliation then Al-Shabab will just have more revenge attacks.

It’s a cycle vicious attack that will continue

So Al-Shabab has killed 28 people on a bus in Kenya. The West Proxy War on terror is not going well. Maybe the Kenyans should look for a solution that will benefit them but won’t have more people killed.

If people continue to be attacked then people will turn against the Kenyan Government.


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