May Says Immigration Target May Not Be Met

THE UK may not make it’s target to cut immigration. Theressa May has told the BBC that the the UK will be unlikely to meet it’s target when it comes to the amount of immigrants entering the country.

Well, well, well this is not something you should be saying if your in a Conservative Government and the next General Election will be fought on Immigration.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Theresa May actually admit defeat on anything even when she had the mass spat with Gove I don’t actually think she admitted defeat.

Of course they can’t cut down immigration to reasonable levels and they never will.


The European Union as long as we have our membership with in the European Union then we won’t have control of our borders. The funny thing about this is that what I just said was proven right because May has admitted that the majority of immigrant are front across Europe.

To be honest I think that’s her nice way of saying they’re from Eastern Europe.

So this means one thing. Yes more votes for UKIP. The three main parties really are a great recruitment tool for UKIP. Every time they admit defeat UKIP get more votes. Every insult thrown at UKIP, UKIP get’s more votes. You can see cycle in this.

Theresa May has basically admitted she can’t hit the Government’s targets when it comes to immigration. This is one defeat that will help UKIP no end.


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