Cameron Say Internet Firms Must Do More On Terror

Internet Firms must do more in the War Against Terror. David Cameron has said that the big internet firms that they have a social responsibility to act on terrorist material that is posted online.

Welcome to the world of stupid reactionary comment made by the head of Western States. Actually I would call this monumentally stupid.

This new sound bite comment has come about because the inquest in to Lee Rigby’s murder couldn’t be prevented. The thing is it could have been prevented but the security services stopped tracking Rigby’s killers.

I’m going to make it simple for you.

The security agencies screwed up and stopped following people who were on the Terror list. The agencies failed multiple times and they could have stopped them but they didn’t.

So what has the inquiry done?

They passed the buck to an Internet Company. This company is thought to be Facebook.

It’s not the jobs of Social Media to keep track of terrorist. It’s there job to make money. It’s the job of the Security Services to keep eyes on Terrorist.

Seriously stop passing the buck because you screwed up and it lead to somebody being killed.

So the British Government are expecting Internet Companies to police the internet because the British Government screwed up. Maybe the Government should watch out for terrorists.


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