Egyptian Court Drop Charges Over 2011 Uprising Deaths

Charges again Hosni Murbarak have been dropped. An Egyptian Court has dropped the charges of murder against the former Egyptian President that relate to the 2011 Arab Spring where 239 Protesters were killed.

Well some how I’m not surprised about this at all. While the country is led by a former head of the army I would expect that Morsi would get off.

You’ve got to remember that I against the military uprising in Egypt last year and I still don’t think that Egypt is a democratic country.

Yes they have had a second presidential election but they can be faked. There must be a way the Mugabe is still in power in Zimbabwe.

Mubarak will end up getting out of prison. You really have to wonder what the people of Egypt would think about that.

They spend weeks protesting against a dictatorship finally got rid of him. They elect somebody else then the army remove him and put a puppet on the throne to speak.

The man should be in prison for life and if he did get that then he would have a lot easier sentence than what Gadafi got or what Assad will get if people get there hands on him.

DEATH killed by an enemy combatant.

So Mubarak has got off murder charges. It really doesn’t surprise me and I can imagine there are a lot of people wanting Justice.


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