Osborne Reveals New Stamp Duty Reform In Autumn Statement

Osborne has revealed a set of reforms on stamp duty. During the Autumn statement the Chancellor of Britain revealed that there will be in 98% cut in Stamp Duty for home buyers.

Well we finally had the Autumn Statement after a couple of day of leaking details to media and doing the interviews with the BBC we finally got the Autumn Statement.

This is another budget, this is a second budget.

Why do we need a second budget? We’ve got one at the end of the financial year. This to me seems to be only budget we need. Can’t we have enough financial pumped in to the annual budget to make it last a year?

That’s me beef out of the way?

What’s the big talking point the media has jumped on?…


So they are cutting tax on homes. I agree with that, we need people to buy houses and I can imagine that it will only annoy the left especially the Green Party. People should be encouraged to buy their own homes. So if they going to cut the stamp duty by a lot, good for the Conservatives.

I’m not going to harp on about social mobility but heck the house market is important to the economy.

So it was the Autumn Statement and all the talk is about stamp duty. Thank god the Government are actually thinking about people who are trying to get on the property market because Labour screwed everybody over.


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