Salmond Announces He Will Stand For Westminster Parliament

Alex Salmond will stand as an MP in Westminster. The former SNP leader has announced that he will is to stand for a seat at Westminster at the General Election next year.

So the day the BBC said that he was going for it, he announces it. The BBC even got the right constituency.

I said this yesterday and because I probably said all this before, he going to win this seat.

The three main parties must be bricking it now. They know he’s popular in Scotland and he’s going to shake things up when get’s there. They are not going to like it because he’s going to put things straight.

With him and Farage in Parliament the next five years are going to be massively fun. The main three parties are not going to get away with anything.

I said they were going to throw shit at him. Well the people have spoken and they’ve flung shit at Salmond. If you go against the Westminster bubble then the people will go against you.

The people are tired of politics in Westminster but if you stand against Westminster and go up in Parliament then your a scoundrel and I demon.


Salmond has announced his candidacy for Westminster next year. This General Election is going to be really, really fun.


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