CIA Lied About Brutal Torture During Interrogations

The CIA has lied about their use of Torture. A US Sentate report has highlighted the brutal interrogation techniques used on suspects of Al-Qaeda after the 9/11 attacks.

I’m not got act all surprise and offended by all this because we knew that the America Intelligence Agencies already did this.

There is no surprise there for me.

I know this sound really harsh but what do you expect America to back then. They had the worst terrorist attack within there borders in their history. Did people expect to ask potential terrorist if they did it in a nice way. They were trying to get revenge they were trying to the truth.

I’m not saying that it’s on. What I am saying is that I know and I understand why they did it. I can imagine that many countries would have done it if they got to the people behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The world will act offended fora little while but I can see won’t last long. They’re will be some bluster but then it will just die down and people won’t give a crap after a while and then admit they probably do the same if it was them.

The CIA lied about the torture techniques used after 9/11 well to be honest if people are surprised by these actions then the should look at the world and re-evaluate the world they live in.


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