CIA Boss Defends Post 9/11 Strategy

The CIA has defends their tactics post 9/11. The Agencies Idrector has defended the tactics of used after 9/11 but has admitted that some of the torture methods were ‘Harsh’ and ‘Abhorrent’.

So there was this senate report the other day that criticized the use of torture technique used by the CIA after the 9/11 terror attacks and post that it seems to have gone quiet.

I thought there would have been a lot more outrage about it but I don’t think people actually gave a crap. I think despite it being ‘Abhorrent’ people thought it was necessary.

It’s a bit sad really isn’t it.

The CIA has come out and defended themselves. Like you would.

What they did was right, according to them. Well they would say that wouldn’t they? I would love to have seen them turn around and admit they got it all wrong.

They got it wrong. They tortured people in the most horrific way. Yes they got answers but it this day isn’t it a bit medieval to torture people for information?

Or am I being to humanitarian?

The CIA has defended their stance when it comes to the torture of prisoners after 9/11. Well I’m not shocked by this at all. Let’s see them use the National Security Argument.


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