Taliban Attack School That Leaves 141 Dead

The Taliban attacked have attacked a Pakistani School. The Taliban have attacked a military run school in the Peshawar killing 141 people whilst 132 of them being children the Pakistani Army said.

Well if there is anything to say about this year then I really has been the year where Islamic Terrorism has reached it’s peak. Well that’s how it’s felt from where I’m sat. I don’t remember so many stories about this subject coming up in one year.

So the Taliban have gone in to a school and massacred 141 of the pupils and what I’m guessing as staff. What does this achieve politically. To me nothing what it is going to do is get members of the Taliban killed in revenge attacks that will be seen as justified by the International Community.

It’s just an idea but now the West has left Afghanistan why don’t they try and take that country back? Would be a lot easier than trying to take on the Pakistan Government.

Please note a don’t support the suggested action but I’m just saying.


I thought that the Taliban and Pakistan were on the road to peace. I really thought that they were close to a peace treaty that would save the Pakistani People from these terrorist attacks. Or did America screw that up when they killed the Taliban leader a few years ago.

If this the American drone attack has caused them to fight more then it’s the Americans who have blood on their hands because as I see it the Americans have stopped peace by invading Pakistan’s air space.

The Taliban has committed a massacre in Pakistan and there will be many people morning their loses tonight. I would hate to see what the official response to this will be because I can imagine there will be a lot of blood shed.


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