Obama Hails New Chapter In US/Cuba Relations

There will be a new chapter in the ties between Cuba and America. The American President Barack Obama has a new Chapter in Us ties with Cuba by Announcing moves to normalize diplomatic and economic ties.

You hear so much bad stuff in the News day in day out. Especially yesterday with that School Massacre and then you hear this. It’s a Rainbow in a rather dull world.

What ever you can throw at Obama through out his years in the White House there has been one thing he has done and that’s brought countries on the fringes back in to the center so to speak.

First he makes peace with the Iranians even though Israel didn’t like it he made peace with Iran and now he fixing the old ties between America and Cuba.

You just hope that he can work his magic with the Syrians next.

These talks have been going on for over a year and the Pope was involved. What’s up with that. I’ve never known a Pope to create peace treaties.

I never say this about Pope’s but I really like this Pope.

Cuba finally gets to be part of the world again and will have a chance to trade with people. This is what Cuba needs/what Cuba wants. They’ll be able to get their economy up and running again.

The diplomatic relations between Cuba and America will be Normalized. This is a great step for Cuba and a positive step for the world.


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