Police Investigate Three Alleged Murders

The Police are investigating three alleged murders as part of the child abuse scandal. The Met Police are investigating allegations that 3 children have been murdered and now is a part of the Historical Child Abuse inquiry.

Didn’t we already know this, did this not come out weeks ago? or are the BBC trying to rehash an old story to avoid something else in the BBC?

The Daily Mail must be snooping around again?

These allegations have been thrown at a ring of Pedophiles at heights of Government during the 70s and 80s.

Well the person who’s made the allegations has got some strong enough evidence against the people who have not been named. Well if there is evidence for this allegation then there must be a strong case against them.

I don’t want to call people liars and you have to wonder why it has taken so long after the Saville abuse came about. I mean we’ve had enough people dragged through the Mill over the last few years why come out now?

I really want the people to are involved in this Ring to be named.

So the Child Abuse Inquiry are not adding a murder investigation on their hands. Let’s hope that they get to the bottom of the matter for the people involved.


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