Ambulance Wait Times ‘May Increase’

Ambulance times will increase. The Ambulance Service says for target times to reach some seriously ill patients.

The NHS has decided to change the amount of time that seriously ill people are going to be reached. This could be a good thing if they had not decided the double the time it takes.

That will not go down well with the public. Yeah like a lead Balloon.

The Labour Party has been running around for the last few weeks telling us that the NHS is over stretched. Well this is going to give them more ammo in the gun.

Yup it might give members of UKIP so power in their cause to get out of Europe.

People won’t like this.

We already think that the waiting times in the NHS are too long. Everybody complains that the the waiting times in the NHS are too long. Imagine if you tell them that they have to wait double for the Ambulance…

There would be an outrage. Maybe a riot.

The NHS are going to increase their waiting times for Ambulance times. If this actually gets happens there is going to be an outrage but this might improve the chance of Labour getting in to Downing street in they use it to their advantage.


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