Six Die In Bin Lorry Clash

Six people have been killed in Glasgow. Six people have been killed in Glasgow as an out of control Bin Lorry ran over pedestrians in the center of the city.

There’s nothing like a really happy News story just before Christmas. Yes that was sarcasm and possibly a little bit sick as well. This has to be one of the worst stories for Britain to have before Christmas.

You have to feel sorry for the family of the people who have died today. They thought they were going to spend this Thursday with said person only to find out that they’re dead.

It’s not just a tragedy for those families but for the city of Glasgow. It’s only been a few months since that Helicopter crashed in to that pub. They were probably just recovering as a city and then this happened.

From what we can tell is that this man had a heart attack at the wheel. This makes it the worst accident that could have happened. The man was doing his job and then it happens.

You wonder if they can get him on charges? Granted I don’t think the people of Glasgow would like that. They’d probably lynch the person who tried.

Granted they would have to have an investigation in to what happened but at least we have an idea of what happened. So thank goodness we can count out Terrorism.

What we don’t need is more Anti-Terror Laws based on a whim after a tragic accident.

Six people have been killed after a bin lorry driver had a heart attack and ran over a group of pedestrians. This is another dark day for the city of Glasgow and it has come about during the worst time of year. You just hope that over the next few days things will get better for them.


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