The Interview Will Now Be shown

The Interview will now be shown. The Comedy Film that had been cancelled after cyber attacks and threats against US Cinema goers will now have a limited theatrical release say Sony.

The most ridiculous news story takes a new turn and then comes to a possible end that I’m guessing most people expected.

The Interview will be released.

We’ve had politicians take a stance, we’ve had North Korea being treated like the Devil. There were people talking about what Political reactions the Americans could do and it all comes to nothing.

It’s the greatest movie story that hasn’t made it to the screen yet.

So what now for the film?

I can see that this going to be one of the most watched films in History. I can imagine that this film is going to become one of the highest earner of all time.

It’s probably going to put Seth Rogan in to the legendary status cos he produced and starred in it.

This has really worked well for Sony. All they have to do is to make a controversial film and then pull it. Everybody has been talking about and now people will talk about and watch it.

So the Interview is going to be shown in a limited amount of Cinemas. This really has been a stupid story blow out of proportion.


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