Archbishop Cried With Families.

A Catholic Clergy man has cried with the bereaved families of Glasgow. The Archbishop of Glasgow said that he cried with a woman who saw her Daughter and Parents die in the Bin Lorry Crash that killed 6 people in Glasgow.

So Glasgow’s tragic Lorry accident has had it’s final death toll. Six people died and 10 people were injured. Despite the horrific crash that happened it’s nice to know that it was only six people that died and not as many during the Helicopter Crash a few months ago.

However it is a tragic accident.

In a time like this it’s great to see the clergy are helping people through this time.

The Clergy need to be there to help people through the grief. This should be the role of Clergy and especially that of the Archbishop. The leader of the church so be there and to help people.


A person of a religious order should not be running to the media telling people how he was morning the loss of people. It really sounds like he was bragging about it. That does not sound right to me especially in this time of tragedy.

The Archbishop of Glasgow has said that he was there mourning the deaths of the people in Glasgow. A member of the clergy shouldn’t be running to the media trying to look good after a tragedy.


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