Queen Sends Message Of Reconciliation

The Queen sent out a message of Reconciliation. In her annual Christmas speech the Queen sent out a message of Reconciliation between people.

Yay it’s the annual Christmas Speech. Just what the people of the Commonwealth needs a message from the Queen.

Honestly except for a bunch of Royalists who really cares what the queen says. It really is the part of the year that people really don’t care about and most likely try to avoid.

BTW City Link has gone bust but the Queen makes the top story. Ridiculous.

What has the queen got to talk about?


The Queen can talk about this all she wants and she may Genuianly believe that there should be reconciliation between the peoples of Earth but when her own Government is trying to Bankrupt Russia that it comes a bit Hypocritical.

Even her son decided to slander the Russian leader earlier this year comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

Maybe the Queen can have some Reconciliation between Prince Charles and Putin who was only trying to help Russian people in Ukraine.

The Queen gave us a speech about Reconciliation between people of the world. Maybe it’s time she had that speech with her own Government before preaching it to the people of the Commonwealth.


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