Ebola Nurse To Be Offered Recovered Patients Plasma

A person effected with the Ebola virus could be offered the Plasma of a recovered Ebola Patient. Nurse Pauline Cafferkey could be offered the plasma of another person who survived the virus back in September.

Is this the Nurse who was identified as an Ebola Patient last night? Isn’t she the person who was in Glasgow? If so have they moved her down to London? Because that what the story is sounding like.

The first question that must be asked is why can’t they treat said person in London?

There clearly seems to be a lack of Medical Facilities in Glasgow. There is a massive health problem in the world and yes I know it’s confined to West Africa but we’ve known the virus might spread to other countries. Maybe they should put Ebola treating facilities in more places around the country.


Isn’t nice for the nice for somebody to donate their blood. Hopefully this is going to work. Hopefully they’ll make some decent vaccines for the virus from all this. This is what the world is hoping for.

They need to make a vaccine and to be honest I think this could be the best way.

The last British person to have Ebola in this country and survived is going to donate his blood to help the current person fight the virus. Hopefully they’ll make the best of this and find a cure for Ebola finally.


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