Ebola Patient To Get Experimental Drug

The latest British Ebola Patient will get an experimental course of Drugs. Doctors in London have said that the nurse who was infected by the virus will get anti-viral drugs and blood from Survivors.

So finish the year with a story about illness. I think this really has summed up the scariest story of the year. The fact that this virus could have been a world epidemic.

The said person in this story went out to help these people and came back with the disease. It’s sad but granted it’s the risk you take and she knew she was going to take it.

I’m not saying what she did wasn’t brave because it was, it’s just that she did put her life in danger.

She’ll be getting a new drug that is experimental.The poor woman is a test subject. Not the best thing to be but if she can help people then it’s a good thing.

The thing that slightly urks me is that Thousands of Africans have died and it’s this woman that get’s the experimental drug that could be the cure to Ebola. I’m sure there must have been somebody in Africa who was willing to try the drug.

Why is the life saving drug given to the Europeans?

Just a question.

So a nurse who has been given an experimental drugs. I hope that this gives rise to the cure to Ebola and save thousands of lives in the future.


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