UK Ebola Nurse In Critical Condiction

The British Ebola nurse is in a critical condition. The Nurse who came back from Sierra Leone and was diagnosed with Ebola is now with in a critical condition says the Royal Free Hospital.

This was not the story that people wanted to hear in the fight against Ebola. When somebody dies of a virus in your country then it suddenly hits home for people.

I really hope this doesn’t cause a massive hysterics country. The last thing we need is for stupid people across Britain to start running in to their local NHS’s Casualty departments thinking they’ve got Ebola.

So does this mean that this new radical drugs she was on is going to fail which means we still don’t have a cure. So you’ve got to ask why haven’t they found a cure for this?

They’ve had this epidemic for months now and thousands are still dying. I don’t know how long we’ve known about this disease but in the last few months we should have found a cure.

It must feel like this poor woman’s drugs trial was all in vein. A very sad truth that we didn’t need go through.

So this woman’s life is now in a critical condition. It’s a shame we could have saved another life but hopefully still hold a key to the cure.


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