A&E Waiting Times Are The Worst In A Decade

A&E waiting times are the worst in a decade. Figures have shown that the NHS England waiting time targets of four hours have been missed with performance to it’s lowest levels for a decade.

Why oh why do I feel this has really been blown out of all proportion just for political gain. We are in an election year and if we bleat on about the NHS we’ll get a message that the NHS is the Holy Grail of politics.

Anyway it’s a brilliant way to get people off the subject of Immigration because politicians don’t want to talk about thing that people are concerned about.

Get people off immigration and talk about things Milliband want to speak about and attempt to bash Cameron over the head with.

So people are having to wait 4 hours in A&E to be seen. Well I’m not surprised to be honest. In this day and age with the population increasing rapidly thanks to migration and child birth of course we are going to have to wait longer.

It’s going to meant that more people are going to need medical attention. Yes you can harp on about people not using the service properly like when they have a cold or something but weren’t those people there before. We’ve just added more people to the waiting lists.

We can’t have a raise in the population of the country and expect the NHS not too suffer. Granted people can say that that they should cope with an increase or hire more staff but people are human and they’ll need training or the ones we do have will get tired having to do long shifts.

There’s nothing we can do.

So NHS waiting times are the worst in a decade however I can not see anything happening or things getting better if the population is forever increasing.


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