Police Storm Two Hostage Sites

The end of the hunt for the two suspects of the Charlie Hebdo Massacre has come to a bloody end. Police stormed two hostage sites in Paris killing 3 hostage taker including the Charlie Hebdo murderers and 4 hostages were killed.

What the hell is going on in France. Not only has their been hostage takings there is also people now retaliating for the murders on Wednesday. It seems like that country is in Chaos.

You know what? If I was the a person in France I would seriously be wondering if Hollande is actually worthy of running the country. The economy is tanking and now their is chaos across the country.

He’s lost control.

All this is going to give a massive boost the French National Front. The events over the last few days is going to give a massive boost to the extreme right.

Sadly at the end of the day this is probably the best thing for the people of France and for the people who committed these crimes. The French have got the revenge that they wanted. They’ve seen the people who committed these crimes by a just French person.

The men won’t forced on to the death sentence. This is what the French would probably want to do. They will want them dead and it would be a trial by the media not a trial by the media.

I think it would be redundant to say that the French need to tighten their security. I seriously think that the French should keep an eye of the Muslim and the Christian population before something stupid happens.

Eventually something will happen and it will erupt in to massive tensions between both communities.

So the end of the search for the men who massacred the Magazine Cartoonist have ended in a bloody mess. It time the French look at what happened and try to move and integrate both communities.


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