Million Rally For Unity In France

Millions of people Rallied for Unity in France. More than 3 million people took part in Unity Marches across France after 17 people during 3 days of deadly attacks in Paris.

I don’t want to come off as insensitive here but how long can the French drag this out for. I really do wonder because let’s face it there didn’t really need to be a rally for Unity.

I truly do thing that the world realizes that the whole of France is Unified in Grief. It will be interesting to see how long the press and the French Government can drag this out for.

Trust me when I say I get the feeling this one will be dragged out for a while.

It’s great that France has done this but there was no need for heads of state to come out and do this.

This whole thing has been hijacked by heads of states to look like they care and the only reason they are doing it is to push their agent and get people to support it. Why was Netinyahu there. Maybe to drum up support for his War Crimes in Palestine. Make people think he’s caring.

I know I’m coming off as negative but I don’t trust some leaders. I said Yesterday these marches were good for the French people but other people have jumped in to this problem and over taken it.

Let the families of the dead grieve in peace with out Politicians and the Press using it as a spring board for their messages.

So today the French marched in Unity with world leaders joining them. Now it’s time for the French to be left alone in their Grief and get over this tragedy in their own way.


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