ISIS Hack US Central Command’s Twitter

The US Central Command’s Social Media accounts have been hacked. A group who are claiming to be ISIS have managed to attack has hacked the Twitter and the Youtube accounts of American Central Command.

Oh talk about the irony of timing on the when Obama is preparing a speech on Cyber Security. I think there is going to be egg on the face of people in the White House.

Slow clap at the wonder timing.

Firstly Cyber Terrorism. Are we going to do to war on Twitter now. Screw the original conventions of war just wage war in 100+ characters. At least no lives will be lost.

You’ve got to love how crap some people’s security is. When I say people I’m talking about big organisations. They really need to tighten up their security because it’s pathetic.

This attack should never have happened.

I usually say when people are able to hack their way through big security barriers then they should get a job increasing their security because they can obviously do that job better that the people who’s job it is. However I don’t think they would take the job this time.

So the American’s Central Command has been hacked. You would expect a military organisation would not be easy to hack. Let all applaud the America for there rubbishness.


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