France Declares War On Terror

France have declared war on Terrorism. The French Prime Minister has said that the Country has declared war on Extremism and Terrorism but they have not declared war on Muslims.

Oh shock the French have declared war on Terrorism. Why has it taken 14 and a half years to declare war on this concept. Britain and America have been fighting this War on Terror since the attacks on the World Trade Center.

I think I know the answer to this question. It didn’t effect them it effected American and Britain but not France so why should they bother.

You wonder if this is a way to slowly curb Civil Right across France and then the European Union.

Honestly I think that at the end of the day I think that Governments will try and do. They’re going to use Islamic Terrorism to slowly strip our rights away. Possibly let the right wing people kick Muslims out of the Europe.

Control by fear.

The French Government have declared War on Terrorism It’s nice that they’ve finally joined the party but I do wonder what they are going to do with this war and people’s liberties.


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