Two Dead In Belgium Anti-Terror Raid

Two Jihadi suspects have died in Belgium. During an anti-terror raid in Verviers in Belgium two suspected Jihadis have been killed by Belgium anti-terror forces.

Another Terrorism story and only 8 days after the massacre of Charlie Hebdo.

Funny enough you don’t expect Belgium to have a problem with Terrorism but this is the second Terrorist Story that has come out of the country in the last 12 months.

Maybe Belgium is becoming a scary place.

The thing is we’ve seen a lot of anti-terror raid in the last 14 years so this really is a non-news story that has been made in to a story. Granted two suspected terrorist are dead so it will please people that another Terrorist is no more.


I’m starting to thing that the media is pumping us with these stories. They’re trying to create a state of fear in the world. Granted that would help them in their fight against Terrorism.

To be honest I starting to feel that we are actually in a war with Islam.

2 people have been killed during an anti-terror operation. There will be people out there who will be sleeping better tonight but at the end of the day it gives the anti-Islam people a boost.


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