Jihadist Who Faked His Death Admits Terror Charges

A British Jihadi who faked his own death has admitted to Terror Charges. The Jihadist who had spent 6 months in Syria had faked his own death to get back in to the United Kingdom undetected has admitted to four Terrorism offenses.

I’ll get to the whole Terrorism charges first but I will start with an interesting observation.

Some of these people going to Syria seem to be really, really stupid. A few months ago there was those brothers who came back with videos of their time in Training Camps and now there is this guy who faked his death to get back in to the United Kingdom.

Did he not think that people back in the UK might have just maybe known or thought he was dead, maybe. Did he not think that being legally dead he should have stayed in Syria.

My Goodness he is an Idiot.

So this guy spent his time in Syria making videos trying to recruit other young Muslims in to Terrorism and posed with a severed head. There must be a lot of people out there who will be glad he is behind bars tonight. He really is a bad example of a religion.

You have to wonder how many people he’s managed to recruit and from the way the news is going it does feel like there seems to be a lot of people going that way. This means his video must have given a few people he’s recruited.

I try to understand why these people are doing what they’re doing especially people in Syria trying to fight Assad but this one seems to make me ‘Angry’ which is rare for me.

A man who appeared in videos trying to recruit Jehadists has admitted to four count of Terrorism. I’m really suprised that he thought he could fake his death and think he could return to the country.


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