Prince Andrew Publicly Denies Sexual Misconduct Claims

Prince Andrew has publicly denied the sexual misconduct claims. The Duke of York has denied claims that a young American girl was forced to have sex with him when she was 17 and says he wants to get back to his work.

Well he’s denied it so there is nothing else to do. If a Royal says they are innocent then they must be innocent. Well no let’s not just throw this away, let’s investigate this and see what actually happened. I’m not saying that Prince Andrew is Guilty but I’m not saying he’s Innocent either.

I would expect his to deny it. A member of the Royal Family admitting they slept with somebody who was forced to sleep with him. Of course he’s going to deny it. I don’t expect him to confess to it.

I want an investigation in to this and I want him to be found guilty. When it comes to the Royals I don’t care about Justice I want rid of them anyway possible.

So he wants to focus on his work. Well I hope the press pester him until he goes away from public life. I hope he can’t do his job and I hope this starts the down fall of the Royal Family.

Prince Charles has denied that he was involved in this sex Scandal involving a young American woman. Well I don’t believe him.


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