Ebola Nurse Glad To Be Alive

The Scottish Ebola Nurse has said she is happy to be alive. Pauline Cafferkey who is the second British Person to survive Ebola since the Outbreak began last year has said she is happy to be alive in an interview to the BBC.

Well she’s made a full recovery. Well it’s another good story for the British regarding Ebola. This the second person who has gone over there caught the virus and has survived.

You’ve got to remember that she almost didn’t make it. It was very touch and go at the end of last year. So that experimental drugs treatment must have worked.

Well that’s good at least we have some kind of cure for the disease. Granted it won’t be perfect but it’s a start.

She says he has no plans to go back to West Africa. Well to be honest that really doesn’t surprise me.She goes over their to help other and all most dies. If that not enough to put you off going back to a country I don’t know what will.

So the Scottish Nurse has had her first Interview after surviving Ebola. At least there is a good story to come out of this horrible Ebola story and now we can concentrate on progressing this cure.


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