Germany Warns Greece Over Debt Commitment

The Germans have given the Greeks a warning over their Debt Commitment. The Germans have told the Greeks that they must live up to their debt commitments to it creditors.

So yesterday the far left won the Greek General Election but didn’t get a majority by two seats so they’ve gone to made a coalition with a right wing party this is also anti-austerity.

So this actually gives you an idea of what the Greeks think to their debt. It’s there but screw you we don’t want to be dictated to by the European Union.

Funny that I think Western Europe gave that message during the European Elections how ever we did get ignored.

So what happens when Greece votes against the European Unions will?

The Germans get in to a hissy fit because they didn’t get their own way. Well were we not expecting this. We knew that Germans wouldn’t like it any they proved it.

The Germans have told the Greeks to pay their debts. Well I hope Greece turn around to the rest of the European Union and Germany and tell them to screw themselves.

This hopefully is the start of a revolution. This hopefully starts to put Germany in to it’s place because they need to be put back it their place.

The Germans have told the Greeks that they have to pay their debt back well I hope the Greeks tell the Germans where to get off.


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