Auschwitz Survivors Warn Of New Crimes

Survivors of Auschwitz have the world not to repeat the crimes of the past. On the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of the camp by the Russian the people who survived the Atrocities has urged the world not to repeat the same mistakes again.

This is the message that has to ring through the ages. Well can not ever have another Holocaust and we have to remember what happened back in the 40s. No group of people should be targeted for their ethnicity of their religion.

Granted I don’t think many people will forget what happened through Holocaust.

I want to say that the guy who made this speech and did it very Passionately was brave. Very Brave.

I do hope that the Israeli Government listened to this speech. Even though this speech was aimed at us all it should ring in the ears of the Israeli Government and what they have been doing in Palestine.

Israel should be learning from the Holocaust not repeating it.

I do love that the head of the Jewish Congress pointed out Jewish hatred in Europe. Well at least that follows the narrative that has been set up since the Paris attacks.

However I would put most of the anti-Semitic anger aimed at Jewish people is thanks to Palestine.

People can attack me for using this event to point out Palestine but it needed to be done.

Survivors of the Holocaust has used the event to call for an end to a possible Holocaust. I just hope that there are people out there who are listening and change their policies.


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