Last Chance For Peace In Ukraine Say Hollande

This is the last chance for peace in Ukraine. Francois Hollande has said that the new peace plan drawn up between the French and the Germans will be one of the last chances for peace with in Ukraine.

Ramp up the rhetoric.

Where to start with this one. I could have a field day with this one. I really could.

If I was the Russians and the head of the Ukrainian Rebels I would be very cautions about what the European Union offers on the negotiation table. Especially the Germans.

If the Germans are taking the same stance that they do with Greece and Italy. The our way or the high way approach then they are going to take it with the Russians. I can see the terms of this peace treaty….

‘Ukraine joins the European Union and you Russia can fuck off’.

That’s what the European Union’s terms will be. If I was Russia I would turn it down flat. I’d make sure that there could be no Western Involvement in Ukraine as the West has caused this Civil War through their imperialism.

The French has said this is a last chance for peace. Well I wonder what the French and the Germans demands for peace because I bet it includes Ukraine joining the EU.


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