HSBC Helped Clients Dodge Millions In Tax

HSBC helped their clients dodge millions in tax. Britain’s biggest bank helped their wealthy clients avoid paying millions of pounds that should have been paid to the UK Treasury.

Well HSBC have been very naughty boys haven’t they.

What they’ve basically done is help it’s customers by moving some money to Switzland. I can’t blame them for saving money for their clients, making money for their clients is there jobs.

I know what people think about Tax Dodger, nope they don’t like them what so ever. However…

Why does the BBc have these documents and why are they looking at these Documents. Last time I checked the Bank details of people are private. When the person who had these documents came to Panorama they should have turned them away not bought them.

Yes I’m assuming that the BBC has paid money for them.

If I was HSBC I would be complaining about this because the BBC has gone over the pale with this one. These details are private, they should not be spilled across Panorama for the world to see.

The BBC has managed to get documents from HSBC that said the bank was helping customers avoid tax. No matter what the morality of this is the BBC should not have those documents.


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